My Primary Years(8-13 years old)

Excitement, animals, outdoors,
competitions and fun!

Sounds like me!
Secondary(14-18 years old)

Challenges, outdoors, animals,
mates and technology!

Iím Keen!
Gearing Up(in-between)

Opportunities, agribusiness,
success, career pathways and farming!

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Early Workforce(18-30 years old)

Training, achievement, guidance,
personal development and education!

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Mature Workforce(31 years+)

Industry leadership, networking, business, performance & career growth!

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Welcome to PICA

Welcome to PICA, where you can PICA pathway in agriculture.
There are many, many opportunities for people of all ages in rural New Zealand and within the agricultural industry which supports it.  Often though it is hard to get a clear picture of what and where those opportunities are and how to get there.  PICA is your road map.